Half-Naked Sexy Women and Money!

All with blog spam

Spammers are extending their activities now - if earlier they only used one lure to get people into falling for their scams, it seems that now they're getting better. Today (though not for the first time) I got a message on my blog - it was from another user, some "Britney" person I don't know. I believe this was a hacked account; despite displaying a photo of a half-naked sexy woman, her stated sex was "M"…in any case, the message was an invitation to a poker site.

This is the message I got from Britney: "I looked at your page and well, I liked what I saw.. ;p So, my name is Helena. I think you and I should probably be friends. You should find me at this poker tourney/forum page thing, I'm pretty much addicted... -the link to the page- (my username is -her username-). Then maybe we could chat sometime!. take care, Helena"

I visited her page and it said that he/she was from Long Beach, US. So I was wondering, how could she find my page interesting since I only write in Romanian. Clearly, this was a bot-sent spam message, but the clever thing was the fact that the spammer pretended to be a beautiful woman to make me click on the link. What can I say - it would have been a great tactic, if I didn't know so much about spam, cyber-scams and didn't despise poker.

So, be on guard for this type of spam, do not let yourself fooled by a pretty face, especially if it's a male by the name of Britney who states his name is Helena. Try and think twice before visiting spam-advertised sites. You might get a virus, or you might get scammed by such a web page.

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