Hadoop-Based Distributions on Windows Azure and Windows Server from Microsoft

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Ted Kummert promised at PASS Summit 2011

Microsoft is building on its current investments designed to bridge its own technologies with Apache Hadoop. Specifically, the Redmond company is working to offer customers leveraging Windows Server and Windows Azure Hadoop-based distributions designed to expand existing business intelligence (BI) capabilities.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Ted Kummert revealed at PASS Summit 2011 that the software giant will be collaborating with core contributors from Hortonworks, to expand its current offerings around Hadoop, which involve Connectors for SQL Server and Parallel Data Warehouse.

“Over 80 percent of new data being generated is from unstructured sources,” noted Eric Baldeschwieler, CEO, Hortonworks.

“We are excited to work with Microsoft to help make Apache Hadoop a compelling platform for storing and processing data. Hortonworks welcomes Microsoft to the Hadoop ecosystem and looks forward to lending our deep domain expertise to help accelerate the delivery of Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop-based solution for Windows Server and service for Windows Azure.”

Early adopters will be able to start testing the new Hadoop-based service for the company’ server and Cloud platforms in the coming months.

Kummert promised that a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the Hadoop-based service for Windows Azure is planned for availability by the end of 2011.

This test release will be followed by another CTP, this time around an early preview of the Hadoop-based service for Windows Server, which will ship to customers in 2012.

At the same time, Microsoft plans to further its collaboration work with the Hadoop community. Essentially, the software giant will contribute to the evolution of both the Apache Software Foundation as well as the Hadoop project.

“Microsoft makes this possible through SQL Server 2012 and through new investments to help customers manage ‘big data’ including an Apache Hadoop-based distribution for Windows Server and Windows Azure and a strategic partnership with Hortonworks. Our announcements today highlight how we enable our customers to take advantage of the cloud to better manage the ‘currency’ of their data,” Kummert said.

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