Hacking Critical Infrastructure Is Easy, Protecting It Is Rocket Science – Video

ICS security expert Joe Weiss makes recommendations on how such systems can be protected

Protecting industrial control systems against cyber threats is no easy task, Joe Weiss – a renowned ICS security expert and managing partner of Applied Control Solutions – explains.

“Hacking or attacking a control system is not difficult. Protecting a control system is rocket science,” Weiss says in the latest episode of Norman Security’s video series called “Inside Network Security.”

In a previous episode, Weiss offers some valuable advice on how critical infrastructure can be protected.

The expert makes five important recommendations: prioritize security, make an inventory of all the equipment that is vulnerable to cyberattacks, conduct risk assessment, define security procedures and policies, and ensure that the technology is benign to operations.

This is just a small part of Weiss’ overall effort to convince all the implicated entities how critical it is to properly secure control systems.

Other episodes of the series are available on Norman Security’s YouTube channel.

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