Hackers to Belgian Firm Buy Way: Pay 20,000 EUR or We Leak Your Data (Updated)

Rex Mundi hackers are trying to blackmail another company

Blackmailing hackers from the Rex Mundi collective are back. After unsuccessfully trying to extort money from Drake International, now they’ve set sights on Belgian financial institution Buy Way.

The hackers claim to have breached the company’s website, buyway.be.

“We copied a table from the server's database that contains the names, DOB, email addresses and phones numbers of 580 loan applicants, along with the amounts of requested loans and the intended purposes of those loans,” the hackers wrote.

They’re giving Buy Way until Saturday morning, January 26, to pay 20,000 EUR ($26,000). If the company doesn’t pay the “small fee,” hackers are determined to publish the information on the internet.

They say that they haven’t heard back from Buy Way, so they advise the company’s customers to contact them and “voice their concerns.”

To demonstrate that they do possess the data from the company’s databases, they’ve published a small sample comprising names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, the amount of money requested by the customers, the duration of the loan, and the purpose of the loan.

Canada-based Drake International, the company they have targeted before Buy Way, has refused to pay up the $50,000 ($37,000), so the hackers have published online the information they stole.

Besides Drake, they’ve also attempted to blackmail companies such as Webassur, Elantis, AGO Interim, Credipret and AmeriCash Advance.

We’ve sent out an inquiry to Buy Way representatives to see what they have to say about the incident. It will be interesting to see if they’re willing to pay up. However, judging by past incidents, they will probably not give in to blackmail.

Update. Buy Way representatives have responded to our inquiry. They will not pay anything to Rex Mundi. More details from their statement can be found here.

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