Hackers to Authorities: Drop All Charges and Investigations on Anonymous – Video

Hacktivists have launched a campaign called FreeAnons 2013

Anonymous hacktivists are unhappy with the large number of arrests and convictions made by law enforcement authorities from countries such as the US, the UK, Turkey, France and Romania.

As a result, they’ve initiated a campaign called FreeAnons 2013, whose main goal is to get authorities to “drop all charges and investigations on all Anonymous defendants.”

“Our governments have not only stepped on the rights of these arrested individuals, but on the basic rights of all people - freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association,” the hackers said in the video announcing the operation.

“We will never be content to stand by, and watch our freedoms be eroded. Transparency cannot exist in government lockdown. Those arrested believe in a cause, believe in the freedom of expression, believe in all of us.”

Of course, it’s unlikely that law enforcement agencies will simply drop the charges against hackers just because some hacktivists say so.

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