Hackers Turn US Sentencing Commission Website Into Game – Video

The site has been breached for a second time in less than 48 hours

Over the last few days, Anonymous hackers have been targeting the official website of the US Sentencing Commission (ussc.gov) as a form of protest against the country’s government. 

The first time they breached the site, the hacktivists defaced its main page to display a protest message in which they claimed to have access to the systems of several government organizations.

They’ve even leaked some allegedly secret information and they threaten to publish even more.

Shortly after the site was restored, Anonymous hacked it once again, turning the site into an Asteroids-style game. Now, ussc.gov is offline, but the hackers have published the game on the website of the Eastern District of Michigan United States Probation Office (miep.uscourts.gov).

In the meantime, the FBI has told AP that it became aware of the breach immediately after it took place. The agency is treating the case as a criminal investigation.

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