Hackers Target US Judge, Claim to Have Ordered Adult Toys with His Credit Card

TeamBerserk returns to the hacking scene with ProjectMayhem

Hackers of TeamBerserk are back. They claim to have breached the computers of Edwards County, Texas, County Judge Souli A. Shanklin.

TeamBerserk announced its return on Monday. In a statement posted on Pastebin, they’ve threatened “corporations and governments.”

“After many days at port, days filled with rum, women and lulz – which have recovered us. We have again united for an explosive several weeks of exploitation, mayhem and LoLz,” they noted.

Judge Souli A. Shanklin appears to be their first target as part of ProjectMayhem, a campaign first announced by Anonymous in 2011.

The hackers have leaked a total of 23 internal documents allegedly stolen from the judge’s computers. Some of the documents are dated December 2013, so the data appears to be fresh. None of the leaked documents appear to be publicly available.

In addition, they say they’ve gained access to Shanklin’s Amazon account. TeamBerserk has published some screenshots which appear to show that 18 adult toys have been ordered from the hijacked Amazon account.

The hackers announced their intentions to take a break from the hacking scene in late October. At the time, they noted that they were confident that law enforcement authorities had nothing on them, despite the fact that they had breached the systems of several organizations.

The list of targeted companies includes HITRUST, Interactive Data, CITIC, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, New Mexico ISP Plateau, The West Australian, Loretto Telecom, and California-based ISP Sebastian.

Sebastian has denied being breached, but the hackers have leaked several files to prove that they have gained access to the ISP’s systems. In addition, they have uploaded a shell on the company’s website to prove their point.


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