Hackers Take the LulzSec Name, Again (Video)

The list of targets has already been made available by the hacktivists

A group of hackers has released a video in which they announce the return of the LulzSec collective. As expected, the news has already raised a lot of controversy among online activists, some Anonymous channels naming the decision an “insult” to the famous Topiary.

“ITs out ! FBI did not destroy Lulzsec , were back for an epic revenge!” one of the hackers wrote on Twitter.

A video released by the members of the newly formed LulzSec reveals even more details regarding their reasons and plans.

“The oppressive powers behind the Evil empire have used Darth Sabu to seed mistrusting amongst the inhabitants of the planet Anonymous. The Old Order of the Knights of the Lulz, hunted and exterminated by FBI Siths, have gone into the shadows,” they wrote.

“Those who have survived are secretly preparing to revenge and meditating about the events. Meanwhile the ruling Empire has started building the Death Laws, to be used to control freedom and the spread of information on the Internet.”

After some Star Wars-themed scenario in which they explain their reasons, they reveal that they’re currently analyzing terabytes of data they allegedly obtained from “the empire.”

The list of targets mentioned in the video includes state.gov, the FBI, US Military, Syrian government, and Columbian prisons.

Of course, ever since the original LulzSec hackers were arrested, many have tried to resurrect the group. The most successful of them was the LulzSec Reborn gang that managed to make an impression after breaching sites such as MilitarySingles and CSS Corp.

However, as we reported at the time, Anonymous publicly stated its disapproval of the lulzy collective.

Now, the new LulzSecs haven’t even begun hacking sites and they’re already called attention seekers and other names that we’re ashamed to reproduce.

Here's the video:

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