Hackers Take Down Official Mossad Website, Details of 30,000 Israeli Officials Leaked

Anonymous, RedHack and Sector 404 have collaborated for this attack

Several hacktivist groups are planning to unite their forces for OpIsrael starting with April 7. However, in the meantime, others keep targeting high-profile Israeli websites as a form of protest against the Israeli government.

The latest attack is the result of cooperation between Sector 404, Anonymous and the notorious Turkish collective RedHack.

The hacktivists have launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against mossad.gov.il, the official website of the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

In addition, hackers also published the personal details of more than 30,000 people, but the data leak isn't directly linked to the attack on Mossad's website.

The list of affected individuals reportedly includes politicians, government employees, military and police officials.

HackRead informs that Sector 404 launched the DDOS attack, while Anonymous and RedHack were busy leaking the data.

The leaked data has been removed from some of the sites, but it’s still available online in a number of locations.

The data dump comprises names, email addresses, physical addresses, fax numbers and phone numbers.

Currently, mossad.gov.il appears to be working.

Updated to clarify that the data leak is not directly linked to the DDOS attack launched on the Mossad website.

Update 2. Some experts question if the leaked data really belongs to officials. More details here.

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