Hackers Steal $400,000 from City of Burlington Accounts in Just One Night

Authorities have launched an investigation into the matter

Unknown hackers have managed to steal a total of around $400,000 (312,000 EUR) from a Bank of America account owned by the City of Burlington, Washington.

According to a message published by city officials on Burlington’s official website, Utility Billing Automatic Withdrawal information has been compromised.

All individuals enrolled in Autopay have been advised to contact their financial institutions immediately, because their names, bank account numbers and routing numbers have become exposed.

Goskagit.com reports that the attackers have transferred the large amount of money into several personal and business accounts. Bank of America has frozen the accounts shortly after learning of the incident.

A police investigation has been launched, but so far it’s believed that the crime was committed via computer hacking.

The interesting part is that the cybercriminals have managed to steal the money in just one night, sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, according to Seattle Times.

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