Hackers Steal 2.5 Million Records from Russian Government, Other Organizations

Team GhostShell claims to have access to more files than the FSB

Hackers part of the Team GhostShell collective are back in their typical style, leaking 2.5 million records stolen from government, educational, political, law enforcement, telecoms, research, medical, academic, financial and other high-profile Russian organizations. This latest campaign is called Project BlackStar.

“For far too long Russia has been a state of tyranny and regret. The average citizen is forced to live an isolated life from the rest of the world imposed by its politicians and leaders,” DeadMellox, one of the hackers, wrote in a statement.

“A way of thinking outdated for well over 100 years now. The still present communism feeling has fused with today’s capitalism and bred together a level of corruption and lack of decency of which we've never seen before.”

To motivate their actions, they pointed to a recent article which showed that Russia’s intelligence and military agencies illegally purchased high-tech microelectronics from the US.

“Even though the country is going through hard times and many people are starving, the Russian Government has enough resources to spend on its spies,” DeadMellox added.

He claims that his group currently has access to more Russian files than the FSB – the country's main intelligence agency – and to prove it, they’ve published a massive data leak comprising information stolen from various organizations.

The list of victims includes companies such as MetalProm, Novatek, Alfa Group EG, Sibabitur, car manufacturer Lada, Elvis Lada, Stakato, Arendator, Shuya, Pravo Market, Issras, Vetwell, Helmholtz Eye Institute of Moscow, Jinr, Corporate Governance in Russia (CorpGov), Rabota, Sollers Trade, PSI Energo, and the Russia Renewable Energy Program.

It also includes Spectr Energo, Tor Energo, hospital-1000.ru, Russgo, allbanks.tomsk.ru, Tellur Telecom, Tness, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, City of Izhevsk, Ural Oil, SetCorp.ru, EC Univer, Lukoil, PrimeShipping, Russian IPO, Garant Sistema and many others.

It’s almost impossible to sort through all the data. However, information such as names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, usernames, passwords, and everything else we would typically find in a website’s database appears to be included.

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