Hackers Side with Sheriff in Dispute with School Superintendent, Order Adult Toys

TeamBerserk appears to be on a hacking spree that targets Edwards County

As we reported on Tuesday, hackers of TeamBerserk are back. After leaking some files apparently related to Edwards County Judge Souli A. Shanklin, and ordering adult toys from his Amazon account, the hackers made a second announcement.

In September, a conflict started between Edwards County Sheriff Pam Elliott and Rocksprings Independent School District Superintendent David Velky. The hackers say they've analyzed the case and they claim to agree with the sheriff.

“We TeamBerserk agree with Sheriff Pam Eliott. You have been placing pressure on board members to do your bidding and you have concealed information. This information will be publicly available soon,” the hackers noted in a statement published on Pastebin.

As a result, they claim to have ordered several adult toys from Velky’s Amazon account, just as they did from the account of Judge Shanklin. They’ve published several screenshots on imgur.com in order to prove it.

“At this very moment we are sorting through and analyzing all of your accounts. We have gained remote access to your cell phones and we have conversation logs between you and various, shall we say.. characters of shady backgrounds,” the hackers said.

“All of your Android devices are under our control as well as your personal nets,” they added.

Their claims appear to be legit, since they’ve hijacked David Velky’s LinkedIn account. In addition, the hackers have leaked 7 more documents related to Judge Shanklin.

The hackers have also obtained an email apparently sent by the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) to the Texas Department of Information Resources to warn them of the hack attack.

Considering that both the judge and the school district superintendent are based in Edwards County, there’s a chance that the information obtained by the hackers and the files they’ve leaked come from the county’s computer systems.

We've asked the hackers, but so far they haven't responded. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available.

Update. The hackers have confirmed for Softpedia that the information comes from the systems of Edwards County.


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