Hackers Publish Vulnerabilities in US Law Enforcement Websites

Team Poison is planning to attack weakly secured police websites

A group of hackers called Team Poison (TeaMp0isoN) published a list of websites utilized by law enforcement authorities that are supposed to be vulnerable to MSAccess SQL injection attacks.

A number of six sites that are listed are supposedly utilized by the police for their updates, the cybercriminals urging Occupy Wall Street supporters to take them down.

“I do not like the Police. You beat on innocent and peaceful protestors for no reason other than that you want to protect your friends at the banks and yourselves to make money. It's all about money and the Police aiming to keep their job,” reveals F0rsaken, a member of TeaMp0isoN.

“ Why did I decide on not releasing the databases? I want you to see for yourself how vulnerable these people really are and for you all to get an understanding on why I didn't release.”

It looks as a certain part of sites such the ones belonging to East Greenwich and City of Rome town halls present weaknesses that could easily make them fall in the hands of hackers, giving them the opportunity to spread their message.

“Of course with all the money they make they couldn't spend a dime to invest into their security to make sure no breaches are bound to happen, they let petty vulnerabilities that still exist on their websites stay there with no fix,” the post continues.

F0rsaken also states on his Twitter page that “9 police department db's going to be released tonight.”

It looks as the cyber supporters of the Wall Street movement are doing their best to defame authorities by leaking private information and by attempting hacking operations. Hopefully, they will not cause too much damage, but as we've seen before, official websites tend to have a lot of flaws which are immediately exploited by those who feel they can somehow profit.

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