Hackers Publish PM Resignation Notice on Malaysian Government Website

The Department of Information has launched an investigation into the matter

A group of hackers has managed to breach the official website of Malaysia’s Department of Information. The cybercriminals have published a fake post which announced that the country’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, had resigned.

According to Digital News Asia, the false statement was published on the e-Akhbar and e-Press sections of the site, along with a notice regarding applications for Malaysian citizenship.

In the bogus resignation notice, the prime minister apologized to opposition leaders for his “transgressions” against them.

The Department of Information has removed the fake posts and launched an internal investigation into the matter.

“The Information Department acted immediately to remove the false statements from both systems. This is to prevent the dissemination of these statements by irresponsible parties and to avoid confusing the public,” stated the department’s Director General, Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman.

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