Hackers Post Fake News from Al Arabyia’s Facebook and Twitter Accounts

The media company is constantly attacked by supporters of the Syrian regime

Not one month has passed since Al Arabyia’s English Facebook page was overtaken by hackers and it seems that the media company has fallen victim to cybercriminals once again.

According to the organization, the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Al Arabiya News Channel were breached by unknown hackers who started posting fake news on the company’s behalf. The false stories included two about Qatar and one regarding explosions in the city of Tartus.

The attackers have also made a post in which they wrote that international observers had been shot.

Al Arabyia has been constantly targeted by hackers who support the Syrian state army. The attackers want to censor content that shows the atrocities committed by the Syrian regime.

Because of the Syrian Electronic Army, the company has had to change the frequencies of its news channel several times.

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