Hackers Leak Video of Steubenville High School Students Joking About Abused Girl

Police claim they're aware of the existence of the footage

A video in which a number of teens joke about abusing a 15-year-old girl from Ohio has been published online by hackers.

At the end of December 2012, we learned that Anonymous-affiliated KnightSec hackers defaced a website dedicated to the Steubenville High School football team in protest against the fact that a group of boys suspected of abusing the girl were protected by parents and authorities.

At the time, they demanded an apology from the alleged perpetrators until January 1, 2013.

Since there was no apology, KnightSec have published a link to a 12-minute video in which teens talk about the events that occurred back in August 2012. Besides the short clip, they have also released the details of all those they suspect of being involved on a site called LocalLeaks.

The hacktivists claim that local government and law enforcement, and the high school’s administration are orchestrating a cover-up to protect the members of the football team, which represents a “major economic revenue engine.”

After learning of the existence of the video, Steubenville police issued a statement to WRTF.

“The Steubenville police department has been aware of this recent video that was released. Since late August 2012 the subject who made the video was interviewed. This has all been turned over to the prosecutors which are the Ohio Attorney Generals Office, who is prosecuting this case,” Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty said.

He explained that the department can’t make any comments on this case because of the ongoing trial.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told WRTF that they were determined to find out exactly what happened and prosecute those involved.

In the meantime, activists are planning protests in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse on January 5.

Here is the video published by the hackers:

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