Hackers Leak over 200,000 Account Details in ProjectDragonFly

A large number of sites from all over the world have been breached by TeamGhostShell

Hundreds of thousands of record sets from the databases of various sites worldwide have been published by TeamGhostShell as part of the operation they call ProjectDragonFly.

“I am proud to say that #ProjectDragonFly is still pretty much alive and ready to raise awareness once more against the Communist Party, and an ongoing, overall, protest for freedom of speech in China,” DeadMellox, the leader of TeamGhostShell, wrote next to the massive data leak.

“#ProjectGhostShell stands firmly against its original principals of payback for all fallen hackers, but also the injustice done worldwide, mostly by politicians and the elite. We will not go away anytime soon, and as a note, expect more projects to rise up in the near future. Stay safe, stay anonymous & enjoy the ride.”

On this occasion the hackers leaked over 200,000 account details, consisting of usernames, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and other sensitive information. They also leaked more than 300,000 records comprising miscellaneous data such as locations, names, IP addresses and validation keys.

Most of the information was obtained from Chinese and Taiwanese websites, but some of the targeted organizations reside in countries such as India, Russia, Scotland, and the United Kingdom.

The hackers catalogue the companies whose sites have been breached as being banks, airports, hospitals, news outlets, educational institutions and research labs, totaling around 40 websites.

Besides leaking the large amounts of information obtained from the databases of the aforementioned sites, they have also made available screenshots and vulnerable URLs of sites such as CNN, AOL, Puma, Peugeot, ICQ, Tudou, and many others.

According to the hackers, ProjectDragonFly has attracted the attention of Venustech, one of the most important providers of security services and solutions from China. Apparently, TeamGhostShell’s hacks made a lot of headlines in the country after this campaign was initiated.

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