Hackers Leak FBI Notice on IP Address Monitoring

UGNazi hackers claim to possess proof of corruption in the government

Hackers part of the UGNazi collective, the one that has been attacking websites belonging to the United States government, claim to have obtained a notice sent out by the FBI Assistant Director in Charge Janice K. Fedarcyk to Field Offices.

In the document, Field Office heads are requested to submit reports made after monitoring a number of IP addresses. According to the notice, the US District Court has granted federal authorities the permission to track the addresses from which malicious attacks were launched.

“Will be well aware of the brutality in individual privacy that will come after CISPA is implemented by the Government. And this is the exact reason for all these online protests that are on large today. We are fighting for the common people and to protect their privacy, to protect them from the prying eyes of the corrupt government,” the hackers wrote.

They believe that with these actions the US government is violating the rights of the citizens.

The document’s legitimacy couldn’t be verified, but we were not able to find it anywhere else online.

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