Hackers Leak Donor Information from English Defence League Site

ZHC members have published the details of 25 individuals

The members of the ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC) have published the details of over two dozen individuals who have made donations to the English Defence League, the controversial far-right British organization.

25 names, email addresses and physical addresses have been published online on Pastebin.

“If you donate to EDL and your name is not in the list, you should not breathe a sigh of relief ZHC will find you and expose you one day,” the hackers wrote next to the data leak.

One of the members of the collective has told me that they’ve removed the records of female donors before making the information public.

Over the past weekend, ZHC defaced the English Defense League’s official website, after accusing the organization of being involved in shady practices.

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