Hackers Leak Data from Montreal Police Department Databases

The hacktivists are unhappy because authorities are tormenting the people of Montreal

Earlier this month, hackers published the names, phone numbers and job titles of thousands of individuals allegedly working for the Montreal police department (SVPM). 

The hackers accused the organization of “tormenting the people of Montreal.”

“The people do not sit idly under the SPVM, the SPVM sit idly under the people. The time has come to take back our streets, to demand justice for the people of this city, of this province and of Canada. We demand a public enquiry,” the hackers said when they leaked the data.

“We are watching, we are listening and we are recording every action you commit. Against the elders, against our youth and against the land. We will not tolerate violence any longer, we will not stay quiet as you destroy the lives of innocent people, we will no longer tolerate the State you enable,” the hacktivists added.

According to Global News, an investigation has been launched by the Montreal police, Sûreté du Québec and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). However, none of the organizations has confirmed the investigation or the actual attack.

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