Hackers Leak Data Allegedly Stolen from DHS Intelligence Fusion Centers

Only unclassified documents have been leaked so far

Hackers of TeamBerserk claim to have breached the systems of some US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Intelligence Fusion Centers. They’ve leaked several documents totaling around 60 Mb.

The archive file leaked by the hackers contains two folders: Classified and Unclassified. The “Classified” folder contains some subfolders, but they’re empty.

The “Unclassified” folder holds “unclassified/for official use only” and Law Enforcement Sensitive (U/LES) reports. Some other documents have also been leaked, including ones that, according to the hackers, contain information on the activities of the sovereign citizen movement.

TeamBerserk says they’re publishing a “selection of documents” that prove there are “real threats out there against all Americans and the United States.”

“We Berserk are against any Human Trafficking, Gang Activity and Illegal Drugs because these kinds of things make our communities bad places for everyone. The security of our Nation needs to be inspected and made better without hurting the rights of Americans,” they said in a message addressed to the public.

“We can't show you the scarier things, but these other documents are being circulated among Anonymous. If Anonymous agrees to release those they will be released to the public.”

The DHS has several Intelligence Fusion Centers. However, in their public statement, the hackers haven’t revealed which ones they’ve targeted. Judging by the documents they’ve leaked, one of them could be the Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center.

On the other hand, one partial IP address they’ve published, 209.143.146.xxx, is for Houston, Texas.

The hackers have told Softpedia that first they breached the California Intelligence Fusion Center, from which they later gained access to other centers from the Midwest.

“Information will no longer be hidden from Anonymous. We will not allow you to use Terrorism as an excuse to [expletive] over Anonymous. We will not allow you to protect the banksters. We do not stand for an American future that will be like the country of India. You should have expected us,” the hackers wrote in a message addressed to the FBI.

In December, TeamBerserk initiated a campaign in which they claimed to have used the credit cards of government officials to donate to the less fortunate.

Updated with clarifications from the hackers.

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