Hackers Leak 1.7 GB of Data from Azerbaijan’s Special State Protection Service

Documents belonging to several organizations are contained in the dump

Anonymous hackers have published more than 1.7 gigabytes’ worth of documents allegedly stolen from Azerbaijan’s Special State Protection Service (dmx.gov.az) on Par:AnoIA, a site belonging to the Anonymous Intelligence Agency.

The information leaked by the hacktivists doesn’t belong only to the Special State Protection Service, but also to other organizations linked to it, including ING Geneva, Sumato Energy, BNP Paribas, Taurus Petroleum and even security solutions provider Prolexic.

The hackers say the files contain passport scans, reports, confidential shareholder documents, account statements, letters of credit, and details of oil drilling technologies.

At the beginning of January, the hackers leaked 1.4 gigabytes of files stolen from the German Chamber of Commerce (AHK).

In an update made to the initial post, the hackers published an email in which AHK representatives admitted that the files from the leak were taken from their hard drives and email accounts.

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