Hackers Demand Payment from Australian School After Seizing Student Records

Byron Bay Community School has contacted the police

Australian organizations have become a tempting target for cybercriminals who rely on ransomware to make a profit. The latest victim is the Byron Bay Community School, which had its accounts and student records held for ransom.

Police are currently investigating the incident and they’ve advised the school’s representatives not to pay up, the Herald Sun informs.

This is the second time this month when an Australian organization’s data is held for ransom by cybercriminals; at least, it’s the second incident to become publicly known.

Last week, hackers targeted the information stored on the computers of the Family Medical Centre. It’s uncertain how much money the attackers are demanding in the case of the Byron Bay Community School, but last week they asked for $4,000 (€3,100).

Australian authorities advise victims of such crimes to contact the police immediately.

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