Hackers Deface Ecuador Government Site in Protest Against the Killing of Condors

The target is the website of the government of the province of Azuay

Hackers from Ecuador have breached and defaced the official website of the government of the province of Azuay (azuay.gob.ec). The hacktivists are protesting against the killing of Andean condors, a protected species in Ecuador.

On the defaced page, the hackers have published a picture of a man holding a dead condor, along with the following message written in Spanish: “I apologize to the prefect Paul Carrasco and to the webmaster. This is for a good cause. As a nation, we ask you to stop the human stupidity. These people should not be free.”

The picture of the man holding a dead condor was taken earlier this year. The photo started circulating on the Web when upset internauts demanded that those who killed the bird be brought to justice.

At the time of writing, the website of Azuay is still hacked.

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