Hackers Claim to Have “Trolled” Oprah Winfrey, Hacked Website

Goatse Security have leaked database details from the site

A group of hackers calling itself Goatse Security claims to have breached Oprah Winfrey’s official website (oprah.com). They haven’t leaked any sensitive data, but that’s because they claim they’re not hackers, but “sophisticated trolls.”

“Hello citizens of this sophisticated software known as 'internet' we're GoatseSec and we're here to tell you that we are not gone, and we are not washed up,” the group introduced itself.

“Just know, we're still here, and always have been and will be, our false arrests have taken place our Domain password has been changed though, we cannot change the websites template or code into it,” they added.

“Also, we're not not 'mastermind' hackers we aren't hackers period we're just adults with a weird thrill and dosage of 'lulz' in other words, we love to troll the [expletive] out of websites and their security. So with that being said we give you some parts of Oprah Winfrey’s database.”

The information they have published consists of database names, table names and the columns they contain.

On their Twitter account, Goatse Security have highlighted the fact that they’re “not hackers.” On the other hand, they have admitted to be occasionally working with Anonymous.

“As we have said before, we're not Hackers. We're sophisticated trolls therefore we do not leak we speak. Understood? #GoatseSec,” they wrote.

In a later tweet they said, “Listen: We are not a part of the Anonymous, movement /idea/ collective/group. Although we do work with some Anons.”

Considering that they haven’t leaked anything sensitive, it’s difficult to verify if that information really comes from Oprah Winfrey’s website.

If the breach is legitimate, it wouldn't be the first time when the celebrity is the target of hackers. In March 2011, reports from SDPROS.CO revealed that Oprah Winfrey’s official Facebook page was hacked.

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