Hackers Claim to Have Obtained Florida Voter Data

Hackers claim to have obtained access to voter lists and other related data from the Democratic Party or Orange County, FL, which they partially posted online.

"So, this is a little ironic. Here is inside details of florida voting systems. Now.. who still believes voting isn't rigged? If the United States Government can't even keep their ballot systems secure, why trust them at all? FAIL!" a hacker who goes by the online handle of Abhaxas wrote.

The hacker posted some of the information on Paste2, but its authenticity or his claim cannot be verified. The data includes a list of files with names that suggest democrat voting details for various precincts, age analyses and summary reports.

Abhaxas's dump also contains usernames and passwords for alleged poll workers and their 2010 access logs for various election races.

Anonymous saluted the attack and launched on one of its own, warning Florida officials that "we are inside your networks." The hacktivist group later leaked personal details belonging to Orange County Democrat members.

"Greetings Orange County Dem’s, you can thank Roberta Bailey for allowing us access to this information. Lulz, thanks for your members list. :)" Anonymous said. Roberta Bailey is the secretary of the Democratic Party or Orange County, FL.

The hacktivist group suggested the leak is part of Operation Orlando, a protest campaign launched last week after Orlando police began arresting members of a charity that fed homeless people without a permit.

Aside from Operation Orlando, Anonymous is also involved in a separate campaign to hack into governmental computer systems worldwide. Entitled Operation Anti-Security or AntiSec, the campaign was originally launched by the now-defunct LulzSec hacking outfit.

As part of AntiSec, Anonymous members hacked into the networks of the Arizona Department of Public Safety Data and Arizona Fraternal Order of Police from where they stole confidential information and leaked it online.

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