Hackers Breach Israeli Vice PM's Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogger Accounts

ZCompany Hacking Crew is trying to show support for the people of Palestine

Hackers of the ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC) have breached a number of online accounts owned by Silvan Shalom, Israel’s Vice Prime Minister. The hacked accounts include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and his personal Blogger blog.

Furthermore, the hackers claim to have access to his Gmail account, which is highly plausible, considering that Blogger is a Google service. Also, since they’ve gained access to so many accounts in such a short period of time, it’s likely that all of them shared the same login credentials.

On the Vice PM’s Twitter account, which still seems to be controlled by the hackers, they’ve written messages such as:

“Benjamin Netanyahu is a Zionist murdering power crazed psychopath, supported by global psychopathic political elite. #FREEPALESTINE”

“Get out of Palestine > Israeli Zionists! Stop the attacks! End the slaughter of innocent people!! Power to the people! #freepalestine #gaza”

“I fully support Palestine and denounce the Zionist Israeli regime. Enough is enough. We need peace!!! #gaza”

ZHC defaced Shalom’s blog (silvanshalom.blogspot.com) to display a protest message and a video. The same applies for the Israeli Vice PM’s YouTube account, which now only hosts videos posted by the hackers.

Silvan Shalom’s Facebook account was deleted after the hackers took it over.

On their Twitter feed, the hackers reveal that although they do work on some project with Anonymous hacktivists, they’re a “completely separate team.”

They also highlight the fact that the attacks they’ve launched against Israel aren’t part of a cyberwar. Instead, this is their way of showing solidarity with Gaza and protesting against “Israeli brutalities.”

Finally, the hackers claim they’ve gained access to documents, contact details and emails belonging to Shalom. The information will allegedly be made public tomorrow.

Hackers from all over the world seem to be involved in OpIsrael. On Monday, hackers from Pakistan defaced several high-profile Israeli sites, including ones belonging to Microsoft, Intel, Philips, the BBC and Citibank.


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