Hackers Blamed After Arsenal Gear Shows Up on Chelsea FC’s USA Megastore

The product had been listed for several hours before the page was removed

A few hours ago, fans of the British football club Chelsea spotted a product bearing Arsenal’s logo on the Chelsea Megastore USA website. 

It’s uncertain how the Arsenal baby onesie ended up in the “Kids Gear” section of the site, but everyone has rushed to blame hackers.

The description posted next to the picture also referenced “The Gunners,” which is the Arsenal Football Club’s nickname.

“The have won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and 10 FA Cups. They are your Gunners. show your support in this cool, unique tee. 100% cotton tee with a tagless design for added comfort,” the description read.

The “Arsenal Crest Onesie” had been available on the Chelsea Megastore USA website for several hours before the page was removed.

Chelsea Megastore USA has not made any statements regarding the incident.

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