Hackers Around the World: It’s No TriCk, He’s Among the Best in the UK

The hacktivist talks about Anonymous, Illuminati and helping people from poor countries

This week, the Hackers around the world series features one of the most famous hacktivists of today. A member of TeaMp0isoN, TriCk is responsible for the data breaches that targeted major organizations such as the United Nations and the world renowned telecoms company T-Mobile.

Lately, he and his team have turned their attention to the unfortunate people of countries such as Nigeria, Palestine, Syria and Peru, hacking government sites and where possible, making donations to different charities using credit cards leaked from Israelis.

TriCk, the hacker that represents the United Kingdom in our series, was kind enough to detail his life journey as a hacker. This being said, let’s take a look at what drives a hacker from a highly developed country to focus his life on helping the less fortunate.

Softpedia: First of all, please tell me what the significance of the name TriCk i. Does it have any special meaning?

TriCk: There is no significance, it was random.

Softpedia: I know that you are currently the leader of TeaMp0isoN, but did you also found the grouo?

TriCk: Yeh, I’m the founder of TeaMp0isoN alongside Luit, but Luit isn’t active anymore due to personal reasons. He got busy with college, work, life etc. - but yeh I’m the founder of TeaMp0isoN

Softpedia: Does the name TeaMp0isoN have any special significance?

TriCk: The word "p0ison" comes from our old website that we created "p0ison.org" which was a hacking forum. We then formed TeaMp0isoN from that.

Softpedia: When did you start hacking and what influenced you to embark on this journey?

TriCk: I started hacking when I was 11, and I’m 17 now (almost 18...)

I used to play an online game and there was some one going around in this game hacking random people’s accounts via cookie/session stealing. I randomly got hacked by this kid, I wanted revenge so I started googling around on how to hack.

I joined a few online hacking forums, read tutorials, started with basic social engineering and worked my way up. I didn’t get my revenge, but I became one of the most hated hackers on this game. When I got to the age of 13, I stopped playing this game, found it childish, and went back to them hacking forums where I started learning my basic stuff.

I lurked forums, met people, asked questions, from then I moved onto hacking websites, servers. etc...

I was in a couple of hacking groups & underground forums which were slowly becoming dead and inactive so I created my own site p0ison.org (was 15 at the time), and TeaMp0isoN was formed from there.

Softpedia: When did you realize that you want to become a hacktivist?

TriCk: When I was 15, I became political - it started from watching videos of children getting killed in countries like Kashmir & Palestine. I wanted to know why this was happening and who was doing it, there was loads of questions in my head.

I browsed the net, read books, watched documentaries etc. I was getting more and more into politics, I started researching deeper into stuff like the Free Masons, Illuminati, The Committee of 300, etc.

It made me angry, it changed the way I lived my life and the way I saw the world. I then started using hacking as my form of medium by defacing sites to raise awareness of issues around the world and to "bully" corrupt organizations and embarrass them via leaks etc., which is how I got into hacktivism.

Softpedia: Speaking of Illuminati and Free Masons, what do you think about the threats launched by Anonymous towards the Illuminati? Are you part of that operation?

TriCk: The majority of Anonymous has no idea about the "illuminati". If they did they wouldn’t be supporting Occupy or DDOSing random sites, they would be out there rioting against the governments.

I don’t associate myself with Anonymous, even though they support me and have worked with me.

TeaMp0isoN is like Internet Guerilla Warfare, whereas Anonymous is the "peaceful protesting, camping on the street"....

I still salute Anonymous as they know the truth, but the way they do stuff is not effective. They don’t see the bigger picture. I mean SOPA, ACTA, and all that stuff, doesn’t mean nothing to me. There’s bigger issues to be worried about, not some petty cyber laws.

Softpedia: In the past month you have been busy fighting for the Palestinian people. Are there any other countries you may consider helping out in a similar way?

TriCk: I’m going to be focusing on Kashmir soon, but to be honest, we’re working on everything and anything. If any country is suffering from oppression & occupation and what not, and we see a way that we can help them by raising awareness, we will.

Softpedia: The Kashmir area is an area of conflict between hackers. They deface thousands of sites each day to raise awareness, throwing words at one another.

TriCk: Yeh, ZHC is on the frontlines of that conflict. I used to work with them in the past. They’re a good bunch, but they all deface random websites belonging to India and Pakistan, which is not effective at all.

Softpedia: What do you think your team could bring extra, besides defacing some sites? Will you try the same approach as in Palestine with the donations?

TriCk: Donations, leaks, defacements, email hacks, etc. Depends what we find and what we can get access to.

Softpedia: Lately, you defaced a lot of websites. Why did you take this approach? Aren't you sharing the beliefs of other hackers that say defacements are pretty much useless?

TriCk: Defacing random sites is useless, but we don’t deface random sites. Defacing sites is a form of raising awareness. I hacked the daily mail recently. I added a program counter on the deface page and 20,000+ people viewed the page in one night.

That means my message was sent out to 20,000. How can that be useless? It also embarrasses the organization targeted. They’re supposed to be "secure", yet their website has been defaced/

Softpedia: What would you say was your biggest achievement as a hacker so far?

TriCk: You’d expect me to say something like "my biggest hack was...." - but no. My biggest achievement as a hacker is "TeaMp0isoN" - embarrassing governments, corrupt organizations and corrupt individuals for 4+ years straight, and the "enemy" STILL has nothing on us.

Softpedia: How can you be so certain that they don't have anything on you? Are you never afraid of getting caught?

TriCk: 100% certain they have nothing on me. I don’t exist to them, I’ve never used my real details online, I’ve never purchased anything. My real identity dosen’t exist online. - and no I don’t fear getting caught.

I don’t recognize the law or its enforcers, I don’t fear "prison" – at least I’d be blocked from the mad world outside, I’d be able to focus on myself and practice my religion more. I don’t fear no one except god (Allah).

Softpedia: What about your daily life? What other interests do you have besides hacking? Is there any domain that interests you?

TriCk: I go to college, have a job (self employed - I don’t pay tax - not a slave to any corporation or government), I socialize, and I’m into sports (boxing).

Softpedia: Do you think you'll be able to remain self-employed without being forced at some point to work for a state or a corporation?

TriCk: No, I have personal plans that will lead to a certain organization getting [expletive]-ed, so I’d have to be employed by them first and then [expletive] them up internally, and that’s what I’m aiming to do. I can’t really elaborate more on that as that would be snitching on myself. Loool.

"Pimp the system"

Softpedia: Is there anything else you would like to add?


Greets to my goons!

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