Hacker Kevin Mitnick Called In to Secure Elections in Ecuador

President Rafael Correa hired him to oversee the Net Lock computer systems

Kevin Mitnick, the famous hacker and the author of “Ghost in the wires,” was hired by President Rafael Correa to secure the elections that took place on Sunday. The security expert was assigned to secure the Net Lock computer systems utilized to tabulate the elections. 

“I'm here in Quito, Ecuador to help secure the Presidential election. I am not speaking here on this trip,” Mitnick wrote on Twitter a few days before the elections.

“Securing the Presidential election meaning to secure it against unauthorized tampering, etc,” he added.

He reminded everyone that 18 years before he had been busted for hacking. However, he highlighted the fact that it was “cool” to do the same thing in the present day but with authorization.

According to TechEye, Correa – who granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum in Ecuador – feared that hackers might attempt to sabotage the elections to prevent him from being re-elected.

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