Hacker Calls Up Indian Actress Sameera Reddy After Using Her Credit Card

The cybercriminal spent around $9,300 (7,000 EUR) before telling her about it

Sameera Reddy, the famous Indian actress, was called up by a hacker from the US who stole the details of her credit card and used them to make several purchases.

According to NDTV, the hacker made purchases of around Rs 5 lakhs, the equivalent of around $9,300 (7,000 EUR).

The individual who called her introduced himself as one of the members of a hacker team and told her he was a fan.

After using the credit card in several locations around the world, the cybercriminal decided to give her a call and let her know about the theft.

“I could not believe what he was saying. I had my card with me but the bank authority asked me to pay up the dues. I kept arguing with them for two months. Finally, the matter has been settled,” Sameera Reddy said.

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