Hacked Road Sign Displays “Impeach Obama” Message

From now on, the Department of Transportation will secure them better

A perfect example of the fact that almost anything can be hacked was seen a few days ago in Anchorage, Alaska. Hackers tapped into the boxes of road construction signs and programmed them to display a message that read “Impeach Obama.”

The incident occurred on Wednesday night or in the early hours of Thursday, the issue being addressed a few hours later.

The signs put up by the Department of Transportation whenever work is being done to alert drivers of detours or road closures have never been hacked until now and that’s why no one bothered to lock the boxes that contain the message control panel, KTUU reports.

As a result of the incident, Alaska Department of Transportation representatives will lock the boxes from now on to prevent other pranksters from accessing them.

So there you have it. Almost anything can be hacked, and what can be hacked probably will be, at some point.

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