Hacha PC20 PMP Full Specs Revealed!

The player is wearing a decent price tag

A while ago, Hacha manufacturers decided to slim down the PC20 portable media player to get to the mere 7.7mm in thickness. Back then, the company kept the technical specifications list secret, and revealed only some info regarding the 3 inches on the diagonal. But, today we're happy to give you the detailed features list.

Therefore, the Hacha PC20 features a 6-button in-line navigation system, and bright 3.0 inch 16:9, QVGA TFT display. Its precise dimensions are 9.99 x 4.94 x 0.77cm, so it's an ultra thin shape for such a device. As for its design, the player is packed in a metal casing.

Regarding the PC20 capacities, the player can deal with most of the file formats available on the market, such as AVI XviD/FLV (20-24fps) for audio files, MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC with ID3 tag support, for the audio formats. Not to mention is can also read JPG and BMP photo formats, as well as TXT and LRC.

Besides playing various media content, the Hacha player allows FM listening and also voice recordings. To make it even more entertaining, the manufacturers added a fun gaming option, with dual-chip technology. Apart from that, the player supports multi-languages and multi-tasks disposal. A plus is given by the built-in mini loudspeaker, which is great to use when you want to share favorite data with the loved ones. The built-in 1GB internal memory can be boosted via micro SD card slot, to get 4GB of NAND FLASH, although the player comes in a 4GB model version, as well.

Well, that's just about everything the nice fellows from Hacha gave to us, so all you have to do is try one of these to see how they rock.

Finally, as I promised, I managed to find out the price tag of Hacha's PA20 player I have also written about. You can purchase a 4 GB player online for 139 bucks a pop, the same price tag of a brand new Hacha PC20 PMP.


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