Habey Releases Rugged Fanless PC for Outdoor Digital Surveillance

It can easily handle generic network applications as well, among other things

Until several years ago, mini PCs were a rarity, as they weren't strong enough to do much, and those that did get released usually lost customers to normal embedded systems. Companies like Habey have still managed to carve out a niche though.

Habey USA is a manufacturer of embedded computers and an associate member of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance.

The PRO-6820, as its new PC is called, qualifies as an embedded computer, personal computer or business PC depending on the environment it is placed in.

Outdoor digital video surveillance (using network cameras) is supposed to be the “ideal” scenario, as the chassis is a rugged thing with a large, red heatsink, but generic network applications are just as easy to implement.

After all, the newcomer has no less than six Gigabit Ethernet connectors. Not one or two, six.

Speaking of the hardware, the QM77 chipset acts as the platform on which everything else is installed.

Buyers will have to select between second-generation and third-generation Core i-Series mobile central processing units (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge).

3rd Generation Intel Core i5/i7 Dual mini-PCIe expansion is supported too, and there is even a SIM socket for Wifi and 3G/4G Module.

Furthermore, Habey included an externally-accessible 2.5-inch drive bay, which can accept both HDDs and SSDs. Probably hybrid drives too, now that we think about it. There is no reason it shouldn't.

Finally, four COM ports, built-in watchdog features and instant OS recovery function are part of the package.

As people may have realized by now, the Habey PRO-6820 is a barebone system, meaning that buyers will have to acquire the storage device, the CPU and the add-in cards separately.

Sales should begin within a few weeks, and we won't know the price of the newcomer until then. A new press release will be posted when the time comes.


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