Habey Finishes 'Handheld' Mini Desktop PC, the BIS-6622

When thinking about a mini PC, one usually envisions systems the size of HTPCs or other such electronics, but there are some computers that actually fit into the palm of one's hand, Habey's recently unveiled BIS-6622 being one of them.

Makers of systems are known to experiment with unusual designs from time to time, and Habey's newest creation definitely fits into the unusual category.

Basically, it is a very small box that has the full range of PC features inside of it, plus the necessary connectivity and I/O options.

Known by the aforementioned name of BIS-6622, the product runs on the Intel Atom E6xx Tunnel Creek central processing unit, whose clock speed can be of between 600 MHz and 1.3 GHz.

The Tunnel Creek is backed up by up to 2GB of RAM, plus an integrated 2D/3D graphics engine whose clock is of 400 MHz.

This integrated engine has support for DirectX 9 graphics and even for OpenGL ES2.0.

The configuration also includes a 1.8-inch hard disk drive with SATA II support and which can come in a variety of internal storage capacities.

The company basically did its best to give this small creature as wide a feature set as possible, even giving it full hardware acceleration of video in video formats of up to 720p resolutions.

What's more, the Mini PC BIS-6622 can accelerate video of up to 1,080i resolutions at 30fps, the list of formats including H.264, MPEG2/4, VC1, and WMV9.

Other specifications include a mini PCI Express slot, two USB ports on the front, HD Intel Audio and a passive cooling system.

The full set of specifications can be seen on the official product page that the outfit has set up on its website.

Said product page can be found here, while the full range of embedded fanless PCs is located here.

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