HTC to Release New 4.7-Inch Windows Phone 8 Handset

The handset should sport hardware specs similar to those of HTC One

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation is reportedly preparing the launch of a new high-end Windows Phone 8 smartphone, one that would arrive on shelves with a 4.7-inch screen.

The company hasn’t launched a new Windows Phone 8 handset since last fall (given that HTC 8XT was a version of Windows Phone 8X), but will return to the market with a new device soon.

A recent post on Windows Phone Blogging claims that HTC is preparing the release of WP version of the HTC One flagship device, and that it will announce it later this fall. The phone might be called HTC Harmony.

The same as the aforementioned Android-based handset, the new mobile phone will sport a 4.7-inch full HD touchscreen display, as well as 2GB of RAM.

Furthermore, the device is said to pack Beats Audio technology inside, as well as 32GB of internal memory (twice the amount available inside HTC 8X).

What has yet to be unveiled is whether HTC will choose to include the same UltraPixel camera on this device, as it did on HTC One before it.

The upcoming mobile phone will most likely run under Windows Phone 8 GDR3, and is expected to be powered by a faster, more powerful chipset when compared to the current generation of WP8 devices from HTC.

Furthermore, it should feature a new tile UI, along with rotation lock and other software enhancements.

Not long ago, HTC was said to have moved away from the Windows Phone platform, but it appears that the company is still committed to the OS.

In fact, about a month ago, Jeff Gordon, HTC senior global communications manager, said on Twitter that the company was indeed dedicated to its WP lineup of devices.

No specific info on when the new mobile phone might arrive on shelves has been provided as of now, but it might not be too long before HTC decides to make it official, so stay tuned for more on this.

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