HTC to Offer 5GB of Free Dropbox to New Android Users

All of the company's Android phones with Sense 3.5 will enjoy this

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation seems set to offer the best possible experience to its mobile phone users, and might enable them enjoy up to 5GB of free Dropbox service, reports emerged.

The handset vendor is said to plan the addition of this promotional offering into the mix for all users that purchase one of its latest Android handsets, such as the HTC Rhyme.

At the moment, all those who would like to try Dropbox are offered with up to 2GB of free storage, yet HTC plans on adding some 3GB more into the mix.

Apparently, the company already confirmed to Pocket-lint that the new HTC Rhyme, which will arrive on shelves in Europe in October, will have the said feature turned on.

All of the future smartphones that will arrive on shelves with the new HTC Sense 3.5 user interface from the leading handset vendor should enjoy the new option as well.

Through the availability of extra free Dropbox storage, users will be able to keep important files from their devices synced at all times with their computers at home, or with any other device that they might own and which offers support for Dropbox.

For the time being, the company is set to provide the option only to its Android users, and hasn't offered a solid answer when asked whether Windows Phone devices will also taste it.

Of course, new Windows Phone handsets are expected to arrive with a cloud storage service from Microsoft, something that would make HTC's offer useless.

On Microsoft's Skydrive, for example, users can benefit from up to 25GB of free storage, far more than what HTC has to offer to its Android customers via the newly unveiled Dropbox deal.

HTC Rhyme and HTC Sensation XE are the only two Android handsets from HTC to sport the new HTC Sense 3.5 interface, thus offering support for the 5G of free Dropbox. However, the vendor is expected to launch more of them soon, so stay tuned.

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