HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S Coming to Singapore in Late November

The company will also launch the HTC One X+ in mid-December

Hot on the heels of the latest news regarding the availability of the new HTC Windows Phone 8 devices, the Taiwanese handset maker announced its 8S and 8X smartphone would be released in Singapore later this month.

In addition, the company confirmed the HTC One X+ Android superphone would be available in the country sometime in mid-December.

According to CNET, customers who wish to purchase the HTC Windows Phone 8X will have to come up with no less than 828 SGD (675 USD or 525 EUR) upfront. The HTC 8S is priced much cheaper at only 418 SGD (340 USD or 265 EUR) outright.

Android enthusiasts who wish to own HTC’s flagship smartphone, the One X+ will be able to purchase it for 868 SGD (710 USD or 550 EUR) off-contract.

Keep in mind that word is HTC plans to offer One X owners in Singapore the possibility to upgrade to One X+ much easier than paying the full price of the phone. However, we have yet to receive more details on the subject, so stay tuned for more updates.

It is also worth mentioning that HTC will launch the 3G version of HTC One X+, so there won’t be any LTE support inside the units available in Singapore.

Those who prefer Windows Phone platform should know that Nokia also confirmed plans to release its Lumia 920 and 820 in Singapore by the end of the year. No word on availability and pricing options yet, but we will keep an eye out on this one.

The 8X and 8S are the only Windows Phone 8 devices manufacturer by HTC, which are scheduled to hit shelves this year.

Samsung and Huawei handset makers are also expected to launch Windows Phone 8 devices each, the Ativ S and Ascend W1, respectively. More info on their availability in Singapore coming soon.

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