HTC Sensation Comes with Locked Bootloader

HTC Sensation, the latest smartphone the Taiwan-based mobile phone maker HTC Corporation brought to the market with Google's Android operating system on board, comes with a locked bootloader, the latest reports on the matter suggest.

Recently, a leaked HTC Sensation ROM made an appearance into the wild, as previously reported, and some of those who took a closer look at it report that it hints at a locked bootloader on the device.

For those not in the knowing, we should note that this means that the loading of custom ROMs on this device might be somewhat of a problem.

Of course, this is not the first Android-based device that arrives on shelves with a locked bootloader, yet people are rather intrigued that HTC has decided once again to lock one of its high-end devices.

With HTC Sensation being set to prove itself as one of the most appealing mobile phones in the market, based on the great load of high-end features that the handset vendor packed inside it, things are not looking too good for enthusiasts.

Especially since Samsung seems set to loosen up its policy regarding the bootloader on its Android devices. The Samsung Galaxy S II was already rooted, only a few days after it made an official landing on shelves.

Moreover, Motorola, a company initially against the rooting of devices, and the loading of custom ROMs on them, announced that it would soon unlock its Android device, to offer more freedom to its users.

Not to mention that Sony Ericsson even put up a website where users can unlock their devices, and recently posted a tutorial on the building of custom ROMs.

Of course, since the Sensation is not the first device to arrive with a locked bootloader, there are some who are confident that a solution would be found, though it remains to be seen how long that would take, and how risky it would be.

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