HTC Nexus 8 Is Beautifully Rendered Ahead of Google I/O 2014

The exact specs of the real-world tablet are still not known with certainty

Google’s I/O 2014 conference is approaching us at a pace pace and judging by word on the street, we’re in for a bunch of very delicious treats.

The device that appeared in the headlines the most is the Nexus 8. The tablet has been heavily rumored for the past few months, but we still can’t seem to assemble the exact list of specifications, which is a bit frustrating. But one thing is certain, the tablet will be built by HTC.

Anyway, ahead of the big event, Unlocked Unit is providing us with their own vision of how this upcoming device will look like.

Based on their post, the Nexus 8 will arrive with an 8-inch tablet with a Super LCD 3 panel and boasting an 8-ultrapixel camera. It doesn’t seem like a realistic scenario, considering such a camera is more powerful than the one found in the current HTC flagship smartphone, the M8.

The concept boasts BoomSound tech and Harman/Kardon. The overall design seems to be taking cues from the HTC One M8 (obviously) and the iPad mini.

Anyway, reports are quite mixed regarding what the specs of the upcoming Nexus 8 are going to be, as it seems Google is doing a pretty swell job of keeping them a secret.

The most recent information we have, that surfaced last week, claimed the Nexus 8 would arrive with a Qualcomm 64-bit processor under the hood. This goes against what we knew from previous leaks which claimed Google’s next tablet will arrive with an Intel Moorefield 64-bit processor instead.

Furthermore, the slate is said to come equipped with 3GB of RAM and Android 4.5 out of the box. The new OS is expected to introduce a number of optimizations that will help support the 64-bit architecture better.

Nexus 8 shown in render
Nexus 8 shown in render
We also expect the device to arrive with a 2K display and be marketed with a higher than average price tag.

Anyway, Google might also have a few goodies in its back from the laptop/tablet department to show us at the conference.

For example, it has been touted in the press that Google is not ready to put behind its 7-inch business altogether, so we might end up seeing a next-gen 7-inch Nexus too.

On top of that, it would be nice if Google could surprise us and unveil a new Chromebook Pixel 2, since the original has been out and about for a while now.


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