HTC Mozart Spotted on Orange UK's Website

When it comes to the handsets that mobile phone maker HTC Corporation would plan on delivering to the market with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system on board, HTC Mozart seems like a certainty.

The handset made it into the wild for the first time a few months ago, and resurfaced a few times after that, with confirmation on its existence already emerging on the web.

In case there are some who still doubt the mobile phone's upcoming arrival, there is some more confirmation available on it, coming from Orange UK's website, where the carrier posted a tutorial for the unannounced Windows Phone 7 device.

We already knew that the smartphone is set to make an appearance on the market in the UK, and it seems that things have been already carved in stone.

In case there are some of you interested in learning how to replace the battery, SIM card or back cover of the HTC Mozart, Orange's website is the place to go, since the said instructions cover all of these (via coolsmartphone).

Interestingly enough, it appears that HTC has decided to make pack the Windows Phone 7-based Mozart with a similar design as the HTC Legend, as the battery and the SIM card are being inserted/removed from the bottom of the device.

Microsoft already confirmed that Windows Phone 7 devices would arrive on the market in the UK via all major carriers in the country, and Orange would be one of them.

What we know for sure at the moment is that the HTC Mozart would land on the carrier's airwaves (most probably at T-Mobile UK too, since the two formed a new carrier, Everything Everywhere), but it still remains to be seen whether other operators would launch it too.

At the same time, we'll have to wait to see what other devices will arrive on the market in the UK with Microsoft's Windows phone 7 OS on board, and what price tags they would sport when released.

Since the platform was confirmed as being set for an October 11th launch, all the necessary info on this should emerged at that time, or shortly after.


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