HTC Magic to Receive Android 2.0 in Austria

Sometime in March or April

The latest iteration of Google's Android operating system that has been already released into the wild is Android 2.0, which came along with Motorola DROID / MILESTONE when the device was launched back in November. Ever since Eclair made an appearance Android users around the world have been asking whether their handsets will see an update to the new firmware, and it seems that at least some of them will have a reason to rejoice in a couple of months.

According to a recent article on, HTC Magic, which was launched in the first half of the last year, is one device that should receive an Android 2.0 update in March or April. The update will come at least to users in Austria, where wireless carrier A1 reportedly confirmed plans to deliver it to them. There are no details available at the moment on whether other carriers will follow suit, but it is still good to know that some of them plan on making the move.

“OK, I just got off the phone with the tech support people from my carrier (A1). They told me that it is GUARANTEED that the HTC Magic will be getting 2.0 and it will be pushed over the air to users on their network between March and April. Android 2.1 is ALSO guaranteed to be coming to the Magic on their network, but they do not have a fix date on that release – yet,” is what an reader states.

HTC Magic, as many of you might already know, is the second mobile phone in the world to have been launched with Google's Android operating system on board, and it seems that its users might soon receive an update to the latest flavors of the platform. HTC said previously that it planned on delivering an update for its users in the first half of the ongoing year, and it seems that the owners of an older G1 (HTC Dream) or Magic might also see it loaded on their devices.

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