HTC M7 to Arrive on Shelves on March 8 in Black and Silver / White

The handset should be officially announced on February 19

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation is expected to unveil to the world a new Android-based smartphone just before the MWC 2013 trade show in Barcelona, namely the M7, which is now said to be en route to shelves starting with March 8.

The handset, expected to be officially unveiled during a press event that the company has announced for New York, should become the next flagship Android-based handset from the vendor.

According to a recent article on HTC Source, the company will make the smartphone available for purchase in Europe and the UK starting with early March, and in the US soon after.

Apparently, HTC is aiming at selling a few million M7 units before Samsung brings its next flagship smartphone to the market to steal its thunder.

Reportedly, industry sources expect HTC to be able to make 4-5 million M7 devices in the first quarter of the year, and might sell a good chunk of them in the next 2-3 months.

Furthermore, the new smartphone is expected to arrive on shelves in two color flavors, namely Black and Silver / White.

HTC is expected to launch the latter version of the device with a Silver casing, while making its back and sides white. A white glass bezel is also expected to be packed around the display. After all, the device was said at a certain point to be sporting an aluminum unibody design.

However, nothing has been confirmed on the matter for the time being, although the fact that M7 will arrive on shelves in two different color flavors appears to be a sure thing.

HTC has already sent out invitations for the aforementioned February 19 event, and all the necessary info on the device should become official then, so stay tuned to learn more on the matter.

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