HTC Launches Three Phones in Indonesia

The HTC Legend, Smart and HD Mini

Indonesian mobile phone users will soon have the opportunity to choose three new handsets from HTC Corporation when it comes to the purchase of a new device. The Taiwanese handset vendor is set to make its new HTC Legend, HTC HD Mini and HTC Smart available for purchase in the country, and announced that they should all arrive before the end of May.

The HTC Legend is one of the latest handsets HTC launched on the market running under Google's Android 2.1 operating system. The phone comes with a 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display that boasts an HVGA resolution, sports an optical joystick for easy navigation, and delivers a unique design, as its casing was built from a single block of aluminum.

The new Android 2.1-based mobile phone is expected to become available for purchase on the Indonesian market in mid-May, via all authorized retailers in the country. The handset is expected to feature a price tag of Rp. 5,750,000 and should include a 2G microSD memory card in the package, the phone maker announced.

The HTC HD mini, the latest addition to the company's lineup of devices running under Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system, is marketed as the smaller brother of the high-end HTC HD2, already one of the most popular mobile phones around the globe. The handset puts the WM 6.5 OS and HTC's Sense solution together so as to provide users with the possibility to get the most out of their cellphone.

In addition to a wide range of features included in the device by its maker, the HD Mini also comes with access to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, enabling users to download more apps to customize their experience. The HTC HD mini is expected to become available for purchase in Indonesia in mid-May via all authorized resellers. The price tag for the phone has been set at Rp. 5,150,000, with a 2GB microSD memory card included in the package.

As for the HTC Smart, this is the first BrewMP-based mobile phone the HTC Corporation brings to the market. The same as the Android- and Windows Mobile-based phones from HTC, the Smart includes HTC's Sense solution. Packing a great deal of advanced capabilities in an affordable design, the HTC Smart is expected to arrive in Indonesia in late May, priced at Rp. 2,250,000.

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