HTC Desire to Taste Android 2.2 (Froyo) on June 23

According to an HTC support employee

Internet giant Google announced officially last week the upcoming availability of a new version of its mobile operating system, namely Android 2.2 (Froyo), and rumors on when various devices should receive the solution already started to emerge. Today, we have HTC Desire making the headlines, with a supposed June 23 launch date for its share of Android 2.2.

Of course, we take this with a big grain of salt, yet it might prove real in the end, and those who purchased the high-end device from HTC might be able to enjoy the latest Android flavor before next month's end. One thing that should keep our hopes high on this is the fact that Nexus One, Desire's (almost) twin brother, should enjoy it soon, with some units being already updated to Android 2.2.

However, the manner in which the rumor emerged is at least interesting, if not intriguing. An xda-developers forum member says that the info came up during a chat with HTC's support team. When asking about a solution to have more memory on Desire to install applications, he received the following answer: “A new update is coming the 23rd of June and you will be able to put some apps on to the microSD card.”

There is not much room for speculation here, as the HTC representative reportedly mentioned the exact date when the update should be released for Desire. However, since the info does not come from an official source from HTC, things might prove to be different in the end, not to mention that even officially announced software updates got delayed in the past.

The HTC Desire is one of the nicest Android 2.1-based devices that landed on the market during 2010, and the new OS flavor will certainly make it even more appealing. HTC already committed to providing users with a software update, but it did not announce an official release date for the solution as of yet, and the aforementioned possible date is all that we have so far. We'll keep our fingers crossed for it to pan out.

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