HTC Desire Receiving Froyo OTA at Telstra Australia

HTC Desire, one of the nicest Android-based devices that landed on the market during the ongoing year, is currently receiving an over the air software update in Australia at Telstra, none other than the Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade announced as available a few days ago.

The software solution was made available for download from HTC's support website, where users were able to find the file available for download as ROM version 2.26.841.2.

It appears that Desire owners have had some problems with installing the software update via a desktop PC, and that HTC and Telstra decided to send it over-the-air to all of them, a process that already started a few hours ago.

“FroYo OTA now avail for Telstra HTC Desire. Use WIFI & have 25MB memory free. Go 2 settings>about phone>syst software updates>check now,” Pete Symons, Mobile technology PR, Telstra, announced via twitter.

At the same time, he notes that the update weighs in at 92MB, and that users should consider downloading it via a Wi-Fi connection.

All in all, it's great news to learn that both HTC and Telstra listening to users' needs, and that they would do what it takes to enable them update their Desire units to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Especially since many users reported a great deal of issues with installing the OS upgrade via a desktop computer, with many devices being almost bricked in the process.

In case there are some users who have experienced issues with downloading and installing the update via a computer, but still want to perform the process this way, here's what HTC recommends (via ausdroid):

1. Follow the installation instructions that are available on the HTC Australia support web site

2. Before installing HTCSync remove any previous versions.

3. Remove any HTC drivers from Windows Device manager

4. Install the latest version of HTC Sync 3

5. Disable any Anti Virus s/w or firewalls.

6. Connect the device directly to the PC/Laptop and not via a USB hub

7. Reboot the computer.

8. If all fails try another computer

However, since the update already started rolling-out over the air, users might also consider waiting for the wireless carrier to send it to their devices, something that should happen pretty soon.

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