HTC Claims the One X+ Will Not Come to Australia, Though Mobicity Will Have It

The smartphone has been confirmed to arrive on November 12

Even though HTC One X+ was officially launched in early October, the smartphone is still expected to make its debut in Australia.

Or maybe not. According to HTC, “the HTC One X+ will not be released in Australia. HTC works very closely with the service providers to determine the compatibility of the networks to the devices being released. Any new devices that are released will be announced on our page. We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.”

The above message was posted by HTC Australia in reply to a fan who wanted to know when exactly the One X+ would arrive in the country.

However, not all is lost. It appears that Australian retailer Mobicity has already promised it would bring the HTC One X+ in the country. The smartphone is currently priced at $700/€570, check it out here.

Unfortunately, those who pre-ordered the HTC One X+ via Mobicity were told the smartphone would arrive in stock on November 1.

Alas, it appears that the retailer wasn’t able to secure the first shipment of HTC One X+ units due to some issues with their supplier. Nevertheless, Mobicity stated that the device is now expected to arrive on November 12. Read the retailer’s official statement below:

“Really disappointed but we've been let down by our supplier (who have an exclusive). We were told yesterday the stock was there and physical for us to take, and our account manager had been ducking us for a couple of hours before coming clean.

We've been told today that the stock has been given to a major retailer and we can't have any until the 12th November. Many apologies for this. We still expect to have some of the first.”

In the same piece of news, rumor has it that Vodafone and Testra are already in talks with HTC to bring the One X+ in Australia, so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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