HP's New Printer Is a Guinness Record Setter

It is the fastest printer ever made, apparently, much to the company's pride

By on February 13th, 2013 15:01 GMT

Guinness World records always give a nice glow to anyone who holds them, and HP is glowing with pride quite a bit.

While it didn't score such a record for its best-known business (PCs), it got one for making the fastest printer in history.

Called HP Officejet Pro X, it can churn out 70 pages per minute, which means faster than 1 per second.

Obviously, HP made it for businesses. Small businesses as it turns out.

The PageWide technology is used, being the latest-generation inkjet platform capable of delivering four colors of pigment at once on a moving sheet of paper.

The price is of $449 / 449 Euro (single-function) and $649 / 649 Euro (multifunction).

In addition to the Officejet Pro X, the Officejet Pro 251dw and Officejet Pro 276dw Multifunction Printer (MFP) were released. Their prices are unknown though.