HP’s Luxury Smartwatch Will Feed Your Inner Fashionista

HP will reportedly release a stylish smartwatch this fall

Smartwatches have been popping anywhere and everywhere, but despite being proclaimed the sweethearts of the tech world, a lot of mainstream consumers remain unconvinced by these devices, which build a niche of their own.

Ignoring this trend, most major tech players have plunged to offer smartwatches of some sort. Samsung already has four such timepieces available on the market and the company is working on several new models as we speak.

LG and Motorola are two of the first companies to take up the Android Wear OS for their products and more are expected to join the trend, including HTC, ASUS, and OnePlus.

Meanwhile, other major brands like HP have remained silent about the smartwatch domain, but that’s not the case anymore. It appears that HP has been silently building an interest for intelligent timepieces, and when they release such a product on the market they want to do it right.

One of the major complaints adopters of smartwatches have is that the wrist-bound gadgets lack style and finesse. Sure, there’s no problem taking your Samsung Gear 2 at the gym, but people will laugh at your aesthetic sense if you show up in a suit wearing that bulky device on your hand at a wedding.

Well, this problem was solved by the advent of the beautiful round Moto 360, but even with this concept there’s a lot of room for improvement.

HP has taken notice of all the aesthetic fuss, and in an attempt to appease fashionable gadgeteers, it has partnered up with US designer Michael Bastian in order to design a stylish smartwatch that will blow your mind.

Bastian will be in charge of the design of this circular, 44mm stainless steel watch that will come equipped with a bunch of swappable band options, including black rubber, brown leather, olive green nylon, or black (limited edition). Bastian says he was inspired by the luxury car interiors when working for the smartwatch projects.

Fashonista reports that, while Bastian is tackling the design part, HP will be in charge of adding the features that achieve the transition from a dumb watch to a smart one.

This will apparently include the ability to receive notifications from email, text messages, remotely controlling the music player, checking for information related to weather, sports, news, and so on. One piece of information that appears to be missing is whether HP will use Android Wear or not.

The HP smartwatch is apparently set to arrive this fall and will most likely sell for a pretty chunky price tag.

The HP smartwatch will arrive this fall
The HP smartwatch will arrive this fall

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