HP and Dell Being Left Behind as PC Industry Moves to Asia

While Lenovo and ASUS continue to grow, these two are having trouble

The main problem facing the IT industry at the moment, or one of them, is the decline in consumer interest for personal computers.

Shipments of PCs have been going down for over a year now, and this has been doing bad things to the revenues of large companies.

HP and Dell seem to have it the worst. While Lenovo and ASUS have managed to steadily grow by taking advantage of the markets in Asia – China especially – the others did not get so lucky.

This is actually one of the so-called “problems” that some parties on the Internet see: the IT industry is moving house.

Marketing success has begun to depend on the contracts scored in Asia. It is the main reason for Lenovo getting to the point where it matches HP in shipments after just a few years.

Consumers now buy “fast enough” and “cheap enough” systems. And with Chinese and other Asian customers apparently satisfied with modest performance, sales in the area are higher than ever. HP and Dell don't have a strong presence there, hence their predicament.

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